Oniccah Nkoe Investments

Agro-processing Farm


Oniccah Nkoe Investments (ONI) is a registered company operating in Bronkhorstspruit as an
essential oil producer. The company is Black-Female owned, and they are involved from the production of the raw essential plant material to end user-product. To date, ONI has planted rose geranium plants, Marjoram, lavender and vetiver on their farm. From the raw essential oil material, the business is developing additional end products. Follow the link to view our products on www.iketlenatural.com


Our oils are 100% pure oils, processed with team distillation. We do not add any carrier oils or additives to our oils. In most cases we keep some oils for 5 years to increase on their maturity and concentration.


Our plant materials are sourced from our farm. In most cases we make our own seedling from the plants we have, and transplant to extend our plantation. Some seedling we do buy them from several nurseries and as the grow, we are able then to propagate. We started the vertiver plantation with a hand full plants which were donated to us by SEOBI. Today our vertiver has expanded to more than a hundred plants.



Our products are branded with the name iKetle naturals. Iketle is a Sotho word that means relax, tranquil. At iKETLE, we believe that one should never compromise on good quality skin products. As we understand that healthy skin matters as it can shape how we view ourselves, thus our identity and self confidence. And our business prides itself to proving the Purest Quality products, that will leave your skin feeling nourished, radiant and youthful. To shop our product follow the link and buy your goodies at your leisure.

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Email: sales@iketlenaturals.com

Cell: +2712 451 5063 I +2763 121 5941

Address: Portion 32, Onspoed 500JR, Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng‚Äč

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